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Confidence Let dating test no misunderstanding women are attracted to confident males. The Issues with Incongruence Now back on topic. The issue test that, when you are not being yourself, important will be incongruent stop yourself. You behavior, your vibe, and important attitude will dating be congruent with who you are. Dec 16, 2008 Passing one congruence test may not get a PUA all the way to sex, as women throw these out throughout the seduction timeline. The most effective way to pass congruence tests is, in reality, to be become truly congruent. Usage The HB threw me a congruence test when she was asking about my ex-girlfriends and if I was still friends with them. But if you’ve been dating for a while and she hits you with one of these shit tests, it’s likely to see if you care. The “Congruence” Shit Test. Another form of shit test is the “Congruence” shit test. Like many other shit tests, this is mean to expose whether or not you’re truly as confident as you seem.


Congruence test dating:
Shit tests are there to test your congruence! I noticed that the more directly I approached women, the more shit tests I was getting! This was particularly true when the girl was already interested in me, and I was interested in her, and all I had to do was say something like “Let’s get out of here”. Skip navigation Sign in. Search I Just Got an Inconclusive Herpes Test. Does That Mean I Should Stop Dating for Now? I’d never want to expose a partner, but I also just met a guy I really like.



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Dating Advice For Men Tao of Badass. There are two main types of test here 1 Her Testing You 2 You Testing Her. Most men do not test or qualify girls. Ever hear a girl say, “she wants a challenge“? That is a girl looking for a masculine man Alpha enough to compliance test her while still in rapport and building attraction.


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You Can Use The Congruence Test Too. And you should use it also – you should qualify her as a dating partner – you’re in the game too. Show her your back if things get stupid. But remember this if the test gets stupid or out of hand; don’t be afraid to “show her your back.” Passing a congruence test with a girl you just met This following section is for passing the congruence test of a girl you just met. She does not appear too friendly. This is especially common among attractive girls. Attractive girls already get plenty of male validation in their lives, and they feel no desire to be nice to men that they barely.


This Dating Test Will Reveal What People Find Most Attractive About You. Is it your beauty or your brains? Posted on January 24, 2017, GMT Jasmin Nahar. BuzzFeed Staff. ADULTS ONLY. You are about to enter a Congruence Test Dating Games website that may contain content of an adult nature. These pages are designed for ADULTS only and may include pictures and materials that some viewers may find offensive.

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