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Use the InterNACHI Water Heater Dating Chart to determine the age of the water heater tank of various manufacturers. Bradford-White. BradfordWhite, JetGlas. Serial# – 1 st 2 letters. 1 st letter = year starting with A as 1984. This letter is on a 20-year loop. A=1984 or 2004. The first two characters of the serial number represent the year and month of manufacture. The remainder of the serial is a sequential production number, seven digits in length before December 2007 DM, and eight digits in length after. So if the water heater has a serial number that starts with 1209, the water heater would have been manufactured in December of 2009. This is often logical and easy to understand – click here to see a PDF for dating Rheem water heaters. Bradford White’s dating system


Dating bradford white water heaters:
Specs, Manuals, Parts Lists, & Piping Diagrams United States Residential Gas Bradford White X Are you a homeowner looking to install, replace or repair a water heater? American water heater rating plate, with close up below. American's format puts the year first, then the week the tank was built. In this example, the tank was made in the 17th week of 1998. The Bradford White rating plate is the most difficult to decode. To find the age of a Bradford White tank, you have to understand their coding. The Uniform Energy Factor for residential and certain commercial water heaters refers to its efficiency when run under standardized conditions for a 24-hour period. and Refrigeration Institute and Bradford White. The Uniform Energy Factor Chart is subject to change without notice in accordance with our policy of continuous improvement.



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Bradford White is mainly known for their gas water heaters, but they offer a variety of additional types, all of which include their patented in-house technology. A wide range of solar models are available, most of which have a gas backup function and are all eco-friendly solutions to your home’s hot water needs. In our experience, Bradford-White water heaters are the most reliable units available,” Madrid added. “We recom-mend them to anyone in need of a water heater install.” “HVAC, hydronics, and hot water heating paired with state-of-the-art heat load calculations — we try to be ver-


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If you are concerned about water heater failure or if you discover any of the signs above, contact a plumber or a company that services water heaters. Editor's note This is an updated version of an article originally posted on Nov. 17, 2014. Hello,I hate it when I have to get work like this done. It seems so many persons are out to scam anyways, any tips or suggestions before I go through with this?What is the average cost for a standard gas water heater installation?


Sep 26, 2016 What else could it be? I checked that AO Smith Gas Water heater in the laundry room right away. The water heater comes with a sophisticated, advanced Honeywell Water Heater thermostat/valve that provides continuous monitoring of the water temperature and turning on and off the gas accordingly – all without battery. TO GET A NEW BRADFORD WHITE WATER HEATER FOR YOUR HOME When you choose Bradford White – you’ve made a wise decision. Unlike other brands that sell to homeowners in big box stores, Bradford White feels very strongly that water heaters should be installed and serviced by qualified licensed professionals only.

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